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Welcome to the Karpati family Photo Album Website

Let me introduce my family to you by starting with the youngest girl Laura , she is 9 yeas old, very bright, very communicative , sometimes shy most of the time a very happy little girl, daddy's little princess. Nicholas is 11 years old, he attends at the local catholic school fifth class , he is very caring, friendly boy,takes care of the others, being an older brother to Laura he takes care of her well. His favourite past time is building LEGO cars, cranes, anything he can get his hands on. Nicholas is interested playing a musical instrument mainly keyboard since his older brother Phillip plays piano very well. My eldest boy is Phillip turned 19 in October , he is a musical instrument Guru. Plays the piano , learning the electrical guitar, and recently he has gotten the idea to start learning the violin. My Name is Arpad Karpati , originally from Budapest Hungary. I came to Australia when Hungary was still under Russian occupation. Love my chosen country , I always felt welcomed here , no one made me feel a stranger here. I work for the Australian Government as a Network Engineer. Among many responsibilities I look after about 200 PC's , challenging job occasionally but never boring. We live in the Sydney suburb of Eagle Vale , about 50 KM from Sydney's CBD . We have lots of parks , a shopping centre, a library , clubs, lots of tennis courts nearby . we are about 270KM from Canberra the capital of Australia. We have a variety of beaches near , perhaps the closest one would be Bulli Beach about 20 minutes drive.

A few words about Sydney. Sydney has a seductive outdoor lifestyle, exciting events and great natural beauty. This cosmopolitan city is surrounded by the iconic beaches like Bondi and Coogee, World Heritage areas, lush hinterland and acclaimed wine regions of the State of New South Wales (NSW).Example content image - aligned to the right

Example content image - aligned to the leftBright, clean, sunny, outdoorsy and, above all, friendly, Sydney's a great city for kids to explore and have fun . If you need more info about Sydney , I have created a few shortcuts on the right where you can get more info about Sydney or generally about Australia. Your comments , ideas are most welcome.